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Providing practical cyber defense guidance for the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure control systems that power and support our daily lives.



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Certified SANS Instructor, ICS 418 Co-Author & Instructor, ICS 515 Course Instructor, Critical Infrastructure & ICS (Industrial Control System) and Security Defender, Cybersecurity Leader & Practitioner - End to end cyber security defence.

As a cybersecurity practitioner, and frequent speaker at high-profile cybersecurity events across North America, I engage audiences in a personable natural way. I am an ambassador cyber defence in protecting critical business systems and industrial control systems, critical infrastructure to ensure operational resilience. 


20 years technical and management experience combined from computer networking, ethical hacking in Information Technology (IT), Operating Technology (OT) and Industrial Control System (ICS) cyber defense, threat hunting across multiple sectors. The last 9 years in OT Canadian critical infrastructure - electric power generation, transmission, distribution, manufacturing. Technical security and leadership in telecommunications, built and managed a security team for 8 years in the energy sector specializing in OT cyber defence for hydro, thermal, gas turbine generation, transmission and distribution in critical infrastructure in Canada. Experience as a practice manager in IT/OT across multiple sectors for an MSSP - building two teams, improving process and completing technical threat hunts and OT cyber security assessments at the policy and technical level in several It and OT industries. Most recently the manager for ICS and IT cybersecurity Incident Response in the Oil & Gas sector in Atlantic Canada.


My passion for the field started at a very early age writing ethical hacking tools on custom  compiled versions of Linux; security auditing tools such as password crackers, host-based intrusion detection systems, network sniffing tools, smart port scanners, kernel modules and operating system exploits. Any given day I could be dissecting packets from an OT plant, writing policies, or presenting to the board of directors.

20 Years Established


Student Reviews

Mickey Dickerson

Dean Parsons was very knowledgeable and easy to follow. I would definitely take a course from Dean again.

Anitha Rao

Dean is doing an awesome job going over the material and providing context with good real-life examples for incident response. Very engaging. Enjoying the class. Thanks!

Abhi R.

Dean is a fun instructor! I really like his attention to detail and the way he explains topics.



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